Using a drop of blood to check CANCER!!!

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Sat Jun 7 15:00:28 EST 1997

"Chau Huang Kuan" <hkchua at> wrote:

>:|Dear everybody,
>:|	E. Excel international have successfully found a
>:|method of using a drop of blood to check whether you got cancer or not. We
>:|already apply the patent of this machine. Next year, 1998, every hospital
>:|in the world will buy this machine from E. Excel. You will find a label on
>:|that machine " made in E. Excel". Surprise!!!
>:|	This is really a amazing news.. Do you know that we can check out the
>:|before it become serious? How many life we can save?
>:|	Another most important thing is all of our products have been proved that
>:|will be useful to prevent cancer. E. Excel has found the main reason of
>:|suffering from cancer. It's because our body cannot repair DNA which has
>:|damaged by cancer cells. After the experiment, we found that all of our
>:|products have the ability to repair DNA, that means that we can prevent the
>:|cancer permanently.
>:|	E. Excel International :
>:|Chau Huang Kuan
>:|Email: hkchua at

And where do we read the peer reviews on this ?

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