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>Can anyone tell me if there is an antibody available to CLIP ?

There are two antibodies that I know of which recognize human CLIP:

CerCLIP (Peter Cresswell, Yale) detects CLIP free or bound to MHC Class II,
  but not whole Ii.

30-2 (Alexander Rudensky, UWash - Seattle) detects CLIP only in the context 
  of the murine A(b) molecule.  There is some cross-reactivity with murine 
  CLIP, and it can also detect some of the larger Ii fragments (SLIP, LIP)
  bound to A(b).

As far as I know, there is no monoclonal specifically against mouse CLIP,
although the epitope for P4H5 overlaps with CLIP (P4H5 can detect whole Ii,
but not CLIP-deleted fragments).  I believe P4H5 is available from ATCC.

Hope that helps,

Ken Frauwirth

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