Upgrade your assays with Enzyme Amplification

Stuart Harbron s.harbron at experts.co.uk
Tue Jun 24 14:43:42 EST 1997

Up-Grade Your Assays: New Detection

We help you get more out of your existing assays, so that you are able
to exploit new areas and gain a bigger market share.  By replacing
existing detection systems with Enzyme Amplification Technology, you
benefit from assays which are much faster, or more sensitive, or a
combination of both.
· It is an impressive, sensitive and rapid assay which can detect as
little as 0.03 amol of alkaline phosphatase-labelled analyte in just
20 minutes. 
· It is ideal for manual and automated assays, and is currently used
on Dade’s aca-plus analyser. 
· It is quantitative, with colorimetric, fluorimetric and luminometric
endpoints available. 
· It is easy to use, having a single-pot assay format - perfect for
antibody or gene-probe assays.

We have particular expertise in Enzyme Amplification Technology which
we helped to develop.  This technology is covered by granted patents
owned by London Biotechnology Ltd, and we can arrange non-exclusive
licences for you.

Make use of our experience to adapt this technology to your particular
requirements: we work alongside your people in your labs, or we
arrange contract research.  This means that you get a much-improved
product, without high devel-opment costs. 

A slide-show style presentation of this amplification system is on our
site at:


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