Donglin Guo dguo at phri.nyu.edu
Tue Mar 4 22:00:31 EST 1997

Hi, everyone. I must do ELISPOT assay in the two weeks, but I have not
get a very good protocol. If you have done that, please help me. I
checked out many articles using ELISPOT assay, but they all had no
detailed description, such as when coating the plates with antigen and
developing the spots, what kind of buffer is used? If you have the
step-by-step protocols, could you please fax me? My fax NO: (212)
578-0804. If you are in NY city, can I visit your lab to get some direct

Many thanks in advance!

Donglin GUO
Public Health Research Institute
Tel: (212) 578-0833
Fax: (212) 578-0804
Email: dguo at phri.nyu.edu

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