Need help on ELISPOT

dguo dguo at
Tue Mar 4 12:18:49 EST 1997

I am investigating the IgA response of the IL-6 transgenic mice. Does
anybody have the working protocols for ELISPOT assay? I found a lot of
articals using this assay, but not in very detail. Such as when coating
the plates with antigen, what kind of buffer should I use? What should I
use as the control? What kind of buffer for the developing substrate? 

The immunized mice will be boosted in 10 days, If you have the working
protocols, please fax me. My fax no: (212) 578-0804. If you are in NY
city, could you please let me have a look at your lab?

Many thanks in advance.

Donglin Guo
The Public Health Research Institute
Tel: (212) 578-0833

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