mysterious ailment

strong john jstron1 at
Wed Mar 5 09:42:06 EST 1997

George M. Carter (gmc0 at wrote:

: Are his interleukin-6 levels high? Lexipafant or some other approach
: may help to lower them, if indeed that is the case?

: 		George M. Carter

Thank you for your response.  I do not have that information, but I'll
pass that along to him.  Also, I neglected to mention a significant
symptom in my original article.  In addition to fatigue and weakness, 
he also becomes numb, and feels the "tingling" you feel like when your
foot goes to sleep.  Again, this symptom and the rest are relieved with
a plasma transfusion to reduce the protein levels in his blood, and
an infusin of albumin.  Thanks,


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