Micheal Gruenberg, Ph.D. mgruenberg at
Fri Mar 7 17:36:25 EST 1997

lTherapy, inc. is a San Diego-based biopharmaceutical company specializing 
in the development of autologous cell therapies.  We are seeking a Cellular 
Immunologist with experience in human T-cell cloning to join our diabetes 
product development team.  You will be responsible for developing a process to 
generate GAD-specific Th2 cells from IDDM peripheral blood.  We have 
proprietary technology for the ex-vivo differentiation of regulatory immune 
cells and expansion of these cells to clinically-relevant numbers without the 
use of exogenous cytokines or feeder cells.  We propose to infusion large 
numbers of islet-specific Th2 cells into early IDDM patients as a means 
prevent islet destruction.  We also propose to use these Th2 cells to tolerize 
IDDM patients to accept allogeneic islet cell transplants.

Interested candidates should have at least 5 years post-doctoral experience in 
cellular immunology or related field.  Send CV and salary history to:

Micheal Gruenberg, Ph.D.  email: mgruenberg at
Director, Research and Development
CellTherapy, Inc.
6181 Cornerstone Court East
Suite 104
San Diego, CA  92121
619-554-0144/ phone
619-554-0695/ FAX   

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