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Tue Mar 11 03:26:17 EST 1997

Nikki Vincent (nikki at wrote:
: Lets start looking after our sisters and brothers in the world before
: we use or abuse our privilged position to artifically create more
: people who will only be exploited likethe rest of us.
: Tiff.

Yeah!  Everyone out there in the audience, either stop having sex or get
your tubes tied.  All that diddling around and childbearing is
artificially creating more people who are only going to be exploited like
the rest of us. 

"Knock off all that evil!"

"I am going to pose a question," King Milinda 
said to Venerable Nagasena.  "Can you answer?"  

Nagasena said, "Please ask your question."
The king said, "I have already asked."
Nagasena said, "I have already answered."
The king said, "What did you answer?"
Nagasena said, "What did you ask?"
The king said, "I asked nothing."
Nagasena said, "I answered nothing."

-- _"Who's on First" Zen_

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