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Mark Leventhal MarkLeventhal at
Wed Mar 12 18:45:57 EST 1997

I have CVID, Common Variable Immune Disease. My IgG was in the low 30's
before I started infusing gammagloulin amost 15 years ago. Because I
have very low IgG, I have been told the likelyhood of having any
significant IgE is remote. Yesterday I had a Anergy Battery Test (DTH),
delayed hypersensititivity skintests. They tested for TB, Mumps,
Trichopyton, Tetanus and Canidida. I reacted in vatious degrees (some
very strong reactions) to all but the TB. 

My questions are:
	If I have no (or almost none) IgE, why /how can I have reactions to
these 		alergins. I thought IgE was needed to make antibodies.

	Does the positive result indicate my T-Lymphocytes are present and

Am I mistaken?
Thanks for your answer. 
MarkLeventhal at

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