An Explanation of the Decline in AIDS Deaths (repost)

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Wed Mar 12 10:24:54 EST 1997

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>>An Explanation of the Decline in AIDS Deaths

>> It is also part of my overall
>>theory that testosterone, in both sexes,  is rising in our population.
>Is testosterone rising in both populations ? I though current theories on
>the decline in male fertility indicated that there was in fact an increase in
>oestrogens (esp in the male population) and oestrogen like substances.
>Craig Webster

James Howard responds:
It is my theory that testosterone is rising in the male and female
populations.  It is known that testosterone activates the sex drive in
both males and females; males and females of higher testosterone will
simply out populate those of lower testosterone.  Now, in regard to
the decline in male fertility, again, I think the cause is
testosterone.  It is now known that the average sperm count is
declining worldwide.  Just this past year, the use of testosteorne as
a male contraceptive has been promoted, because increased testosterone
causes the sperm count to drop.  I suggest the small decrease in sperm
count is due to an increase in testosterone.  In anticipation of a
retort to the connection of increasing testosterone and decreasing
sperm count, the levels of natural increase in testosterone in
populations are small compared to the levels of testosterone used to
induce male contraception.

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