avidity protocols wanted

Kellie R. K. Winter winterkr at phibred.com
Tue Mar 18 16:01:30 EST 1997

Fellow Researchers,

I am interested in avidity protocols for characterizing polyclonal
antibodies. Currently, I purify and conjugate an aliquot of each
high-titered antiserum for a given project. Then, I evaluate them all
to see which 1 Ab and conjugate result in a sensitive, clean capture
ELISA. It is my goal able to determine which antisera will be most
useful in the final ELISA before proceeding with for protein-A
purification and conjugation to enzyme. I have found that high-titer
alone does not guarantee a good antibody. 

Thus far I have not found a protocol predictive for my needs. Any
references or protocols of which others have had success would be

Thank you,

Kellie Winter

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