Eternal Life Device invented. Stop aging process permanently

Joel A. Kirsh j.kirsh at
Fri Mar 21 19:08:29 EST 1997

Pity these wonderful magnetic rings don't:

1. Allow Alex Chiu to avoid spelling and grammatical errors.
   (Although as an immortal, he now has lots of time to learn)

2. Avoid triple posting a news article to the 'net.
   (Perhaps putting magnet rings on your modem cable ;->)

3. Avoid the FDA, who will no doubt be very interested in
   the claims surrounding the invention.

By the way, if wearing a couple of small magnetic rings on my fingers
and toes will make me live forever, can I live longer than forever
if I have an MRI done.  That's a way bigger magnet ... makes sense ...

[still reeling in disbelief, but chuckling nonetheless]

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