Re: Can TMB(3, 3´ ,5, 5´-tetrametylbenzidine ) be used i

Steffen Roth steffen.roth at
Fri Mar 28 17:13:37 EST 1997

> I have tried to stain with tmb, but with no success. The colour 
> seems to disappear after the last wash in water, or during 
> air-drying, or when the section comes in contact with the mounting 
> media (mountex). I get really nice stainings, but the colour seems 
> to be very unstable. Is it possible to make it more stable somehow ?

TMB can be used in immunohistochemistry. Kirkegaard & Perry 
Laboratories (KPL) are offering a TMB substrate (TrueBlue), which is
optimized for use with cellular preparations, and can also be used for
immunoblotting. To avoid fading during wash, KPL recommend use of Tris
HCl or PBS. If fading occurs during dehydration, please omit alcohol
and use graded acetone. Use only non-aqueous mounting media.


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