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Sun Mar 30 02:41:11 EST 1997

Go to my webpage, The Antibody Resource Page at:

There are several good links to pages on anti-peptide antibodies
that may help.  It may also be useful to know the sequence of your
antibody so that someone can post a possible solution.

Kevin Shreder, Ph.D.

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  iminn at (Il Minn) wrote:
> How are you all?
> I have some questions about anti-peptide antobody.
> I synthesizeda a peptide(15-mer), and using this one I
> want to make antibody(polyclonal).
> But I can not conjugate it to the carrier due to absence
>  of any cystein residue.
> So I want to know that only peptide itself can generate its Ab.
> In my opinion, if it is possible to make Ab using peptide alone,
> the antigenic specificity will be better than that the cases using
> conjugated ones....
> I hope I can get some ideas from your knowledges and experiences..
> Thank you very much for your help in advance....
> 			   			Il Minn..

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