Moderate Immunology?

Parachute Woman scholl at
Mon Mar 31 17:26:31 EST 1997

This same suggestion came up today in Women-in-Bio.  Its sad that people
can't seem to keep posts where they belong.  

I myself find it quite easy to skip thru all the subject headers I feel
are not topical, so I don't mind either way.  But if the news group is
to become moderated, a list of guidelines for posting should be drawn

Another way to deal with this is lots of news readers allow killfiles to
be set up - you can set it up so anything with certain subjects (XXX,
teen, porn, etc.) can be automatically deleted, as well as posts that go
to a large number of seemingly unrelated groups.

Hope that helps for the time being.

brett wrote:
> Just returned from the weekend to find my mailbox crammed with pornogrphic
> garbage sent via Here's a suggestion that we move to
> a moderated format for this newgroup. Whaddya say? We made the shift many
> moons back on virology and I think most or all those users agree that the
> quality of posts vastly improved. We'd need some moderators, though...
> I'd do it part time, in rotation with other interested parties. Any other
> ideas?!?
> Brett Lindenbach
> Program in Immunology
> Washington University - St Louis
> brett at

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