Advise - Lymphology, a sure thing or just BS

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Thu May 1 21:48:40 EST 1997

Sounds like b.s. to me--but why don't you post a few excerpts from the
brochure so we can see it in all its embarrassing absurdity and judge
for ourselves?

Just for openers, is there any reference in the brochure to articles
published in refereed journals?  No?  Oh, I see; all the doctors making
big bucks from aids and cancer patients won't let this big secret be
published, right?

Frank LeFever
New York Neuropsychology Group

In <5kbcjl$hpc$1 at> aristo at (Robert
Brookes) writes: 
>I'm curious to find out more about this thing call Lymphology. I've
>told that it could hold the cure to many awful diseases such as
Cancer, AIDS 
>and whatever else there is floating around these days. I seen this
through a 
>brochure that was mailed to me from the Academy of Lymphology. Can
>tell me if what they say is true, partially true, or just total BS?
>Robert Brookes
>aristo at

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