help me with chronic hives and angioedema

Bob Scibienski rjscibienski at
Mon May 12 17:27:18 EST 1997

Your Doctor should check for a condition called "hereditary angioedema".  It
results from deficiency of an enzyme inhibitor called C1 - INH.
Bob S.

"Ellen" <qboafsb at> wrote:

>My daughter suffers with chronic hives and occasional angioedema x3years. 
>It usually lasts 2 weeks each outbreak, but this last time has been 5
>months so far. Symptoms worsen with viral infections which are frequent. We
>can control the hives using Claritin
>daily.  What can we do?  What type of lab work can be done to determine
>Could there be a genetic connection as both her paternal grandfather and
>uncle have suffered in the past with hives?

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