Fight Infections w/ wearable air purifer

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Wed May 14 18:54:18 EST 1997

ERIC wrote:

> When I told her this this device could help alleviate her problem, she
> laughed. But when she tried it, she...~

> Breathefree Products presents the world's first wearable air purifier, the Air
> Supply.  Great if you suffer from allergies, asthma, emphysema, immune
> deficiencies or other respiratory complications. Featured on NBC news, Sept
> 22,1996.   Only  US$99.96


What a load of rubbish.  What an utter waste of money.  Your nose was
designed to filter air.  Most importantly most respiratory tract
infections are caused by droplet and contact transmission, not aerosol
transmission.  Droplets are quite large and I doubt whether this system
will draw them in.  Contact tranmission is really the most important,
and no amount of corona discharge will stop people shaking hands and
then touching their eyes or noses or mouths.  Will this device stop
transmission of microorganisms when you kiss your partner, of course

Your best bet is eat healthy and exercise.  When you need to see a
doctor don't demand antimicrobials, just rest and let you body cope.  If
you do have an immune deficiency, then make sure you're under the care
of a proper doctor not some new age, ion shooting quack.



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