What happens if one removes cytokines from Mo derived DC cultures?

Ian Davis davis at licre.ludwig.edu.au
Wed Nov 5 00:53:13 EST 1997

Mark Doherty wrote:
> In article <34570F99.2F7A at mail.cyberlink.bg>, anastas at mail.cyberlink.bg wrote:
> > Does anyone out there know whether monocyte derived (+GMCSF/IL-4) DC
> > remain still DC if one removes BOTH cytokines from culture after n days?
> The short answer is yes.  The DC are terminally differentiated.

The correct short answer is "no!"  If you remove the IL-4, they promptly
sit down and look just like monocytes again.  I'm quite sure they're not
terminally differentiated.

Ian Davis					davis at licre.ludwig.edu.au

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