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 In the Re: (((((  SUCCESSFUL  TREATMENT  OF  AIDS  )))))
 Marc Buhler wrote:

 > And how many more times will you post this in half a dozen newsgroups?
 > Not only are you a "scammer" - you are becomming a "spammer" as well!!
 > So now you have tables and tables of numbers.... where has your work
 > been published or presented and what did other specialists have to say
 > about it?  Is that why you promote it in (appropriate??) newsgroups?
 > (signed) marc

 Dear Marc Buhler,

 Thank God as yet you are not a moderator of Internet.

 You can send your cod questions to the WHO where some years ago
 we together with a group of leading research scientists of Ukraine
 directed the request for an international examination of my method
 of treatment in connection with unique results of treatment of
 AIDS-patients and have not received any answer.

 And according to your words all most "scammers" and "spammers"
 are in the WHO.

 If you don't have any positive results of treatment of AIDS-patients
 you can direct your wishes in your own prat.

 But I'm ready to confirm my results of treatment in the presence
 of any expertize of the most high level.

 Now for all other NORMAL PEOPLE:
 Please visit my site and find the actual information about
 successful treatment of AIDS and HIV-infection.

 Now and all this years I'm ready to receive the results
 of treatment of immunodeficiencies of the different kinds
 and origin more higher.

 I seek a backing for creation of my own private clinic.

 Best wishes,
 Interhomeless Valery.

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