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>>Please check out the companies Web site at:
>Immunocal is a whey protein product. It helps to raise glutathione,
>like any whey protein product. It is probably very sensible to do. It
>is OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE and the cost is not justified. There is no
>reason to believe that any whey protein product won't do precisely the
>same thing.
> George M. Carter

I disagree
Immunocal is a whey protein, that has 5 patents on Method of Use.
- Clinical research and Phase I, II, & III studies
- Center of Disease Control, Atlanta Daily Aids Summary 2/6/97 recognizes
Immunocal benifits with HIV
- Ongoing Worldwide clinical studies at
        King Khalid Hospital in Saudi Arabia - children with Luekemia
        U of Munich in Germany - patients following major surgery and
multiple trauma
        Nova Scotia Cancer Centre - Phase II trial on breast cancer
        Phase III canada HIV Network Royal  Victoria Hospital and Montreal
        Harvard medical Boyden Chamber on Prostate Cancer.

Immunocal is 90% protein & No Fat
This product is not outrageously expensive, for all the benefits.  You
cannot buy another whey protein product that can make the same claims as
this one.
I recomend that you learn a bit more about the product.

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