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Sat Nov 15 19:03:23 EST 1997

"Branden McWha" <BrandenMc at> wrote:

>Immunocal is 90% protein & No Fat
>This product is not outrageously expensive, for all the benefits.  You
>cannot buy another whey protein product that can make the same claims as
>this one.
>I recomend that you learn a bit more about the product.

Relocating this portion of the message and leaving the rest the same.

It is wonderful that this product is being studied clinically. I
happen to know quite a bit about whey proteins. I have met with
Sylvain Baruchel, who did some of the clinical studies in kids with
HIV. And there was some efficacy. There is moderate efficacy in some
of the cancer studies. As I said, I don't have any problem with the
idea that there is a value to the product--but that the PRICE TAG is

Other products have also been in clinical studies (Optimune for one).
The price charged for that is one whole hell of a lot less than

And there is no reason on Earth to believe that Optimune or Next
Nutrition's Designer Proteins do any less than Immunocal. Until such a
head to head study is conducted, I feel that the MLM structure simply
results in massive price gouging. If you can justify the outrageous
prices, go for it. 

		George M. Carter

>George M. Carter wrote in message <64hkub$p8c at>...
>>"Branden McWha" <BrandenMc at> wrote:
>>>Please check out the companies Web site at:
>>Immunocal is a whey protein product. It helps to raise glutathione,
>>like any whey protein product. It is probably very sensible to do. It
>>is OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE and the cost is not justified. There is no
>>reason to believe that any whey protein product won't do precisely the
>>same thing.
>> George M. Carter

>I disagree
>Immunocal is a whey protein, that has 5 patents on Method of Use.
>- Clinical research and Phase I, II, & III studies
>- Center of Disease Control, Atlanta Daily Aids Summary 2/6/97 recognizes
>Immunocal benifits with HIV
>- Ongoing Worldwide clinical studies at
>        King Khalid Hospital in Saudi Arabia - children with Luekemia
>        U of Munich in Germany - patients following major surgery and
>multiple trauma
>        Nova Scotia Cancer Centre - Phase II trial on breast cancer
>        Phase III canada HIV Network Royal  Victoria Hospital and Montreal
>        Harvard medical Boyden Chamber on Prostate Cancer.

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