umbilical cord stem cells

Steve and Nicole Alcorn salcorn at
Tue Nov 18 15:14:06 EST 1997

Dear Immunology User Group:

    My wife and I are working on improving the information network and
improving the chances of people donating umbilical stem cells for bone
marrow transplant patients.  We have put many hours of work into it so
far and are currently drawing up plans for a pamplet and a website is
being constructed.  I am posting here figuring I can get further
references and statistics.  We were rather unhappy that we will be
unable to help someone out with the upcoming birth of our child.

Steven and Nicole Alcorn
3411 Oak Hill Dr.
North Liberty, IA 52317

My wife is a pediatric oncology nurse and I have experience in mammalian
cell culture and studying cancer.

If you you know anyone PhD,  MD, or researcher  that would be willing to
help with this effort please e-mail me or write me.  Thank you for your

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