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>Could anyone send me zamboni's fixation method, and inform me about its use
>combined with intracardiac perfusion ?....
>thanks in advance

Zambonis Fixative is a mixture of paraformaldehyde an picrinic acid

	- dissolve 2g Paraformaldehyde in 85 ml phosphatebuffer
	- add 15 ml picrinic acid
-> adjust pH to 7,3 
I´ve never used Zambonis for intracardiac perfusion, but I think, that
it will work like a normal perfusation.
First: The animal has to be anesthitized deeply.
Then you have tp perfuse it transcarically with a buffersolution (PBS)
to washout the erythrocytes. When you have removed the erythrocytes,
then you will start to perfuse it with the fixative.

In brief. thats how perfusation works. The method is in detail
differs, since there are some little differences inbetween the
different spicies; the use of puffer, the fixative, the aperatue, how
to perfuse...

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