Anti-TNF alpha antibodies.

mark mark.haynes at
Wed Nov 19 18:48:05 EST 1997

> I'm looking for murine anti-TNF and anti IL-1 Abs, to use on cryostat cut
> sections of mouse lung tissue. Although such Abs exist for FACS analysis
> and ELISAs I have have not been able to find any specifically for
> immuno-histochemistry work.
> snip<
> 1) Can I use Abs used for ELISA/FACS on tissue sections ?
> 2) Does anyone know where to get above mentioned Abs for histological work.

HI---alot of times ab suppliers are not conducting the research. If they 
know of a reference that used the antibody for histo then they will ref 
the paper + say the ab is okay.  I would purchase or if possible, get an 
aliquot and test it for histo with standard checkerboard analysis.  I 
have used human anti-TNF with cryo-sections and have reasonable results. 
these abs were from genzyme and R&D

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