Side Effects of Vaccinations

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Thu Nov 20 06:25:28 EST 1997

David Martin wrote:

> Sorry for posting randomly here, but I am unsure which group is the best for
> this question.

No worries, better here than some others.

> 13 days ago, I went to the docs for some travel jabs.  I had Tetanus, Yellow
> Fever, Typhoid and Hep A jabs, 2 in each arm.  I also had Polio drops.

Sounds reasonable, I've given that combination numerous times.  Which
Typhoid injection did you get?  Was it the new recombinant TyphIm or the
old dead bacterium preparation, if it was the old preparation many
people get fever and feel ghastly after that but usually only for a few
days.  Yellow fever immunisation usually does not cause significant
adverse reactions in most people (are you allergic to eggs?).  Was the
Hepatitis A injection the immunoglobulin or the active immunisation

> I have felt ghastly ever since and I am going away on Staurday.  Is it
> normal to feel dreadful for so long after.  I was fine for about 3 days, and
> then whack.  Hot sweats, headaches, stiff neck, feeling unwell.

Remember your symptoms can also be explained by any number of viral or
bacterial infections that you may have incubated at the same time you
received your inoculations.

> I am a bit worried about going away if I am likely to get really sick out
> there (going on Safari to Africa)  Are these side effects of these jabs?  Do
> they normally last this long?  Am I panicking unecessarily?

If you're not getting any better, go and see a travel medicine
specialist rather than your local doctor (unless he/she is a travel
medicine expert).  Some would say there's no use going on a trip if
you're ill.  Hope you took our cancellation insurance just in case you
decide to postpone.



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