Dry & Sensitive Skin

KariMasterson kmasterson at mistyisle.com
Thu Nov 20 14:08:30 EST 1997

Concerning dry skin that becomes sensitized to new chemicals- like
photocopy resins- it is important to try to identify the offending
chemical. This can be difficult, although there is an increasing amount
of research being conducted in the area of Contact Irritant Dermatitis. 
The findings basically come down to two points: 1) find out which
chemical(s) are irratating a given person's skin, and then try to avoid
or at least decrease exposure; and 2) place a physical barrier between
your skin and the chemicals you come into contact with. Gloves are the
easiest example, though many companies are focussing on creams and
lotions that provide a 'barrier'. Typically, petrolatum or dimethicone
are used. Products using these chemicals are good for their intended
purpose- however, they can be occlusive and don't allow skin to breathe.
Some helpful suggestions on the general topic of dry skin are in an
article in our Skin Care Library: http://www.mistyisle.com/dryskin.htm. 

Robert Masterson

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