Question: HIV, class I MHCs and T cells

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>	a) Does the infected helper T cell produce virus peptides after
>	   its entry?


>	b) Why the helper T cells do not express class I MHCs on their
>	   surface like so many other body cells? By the way, do cytotoxic
>	   T cells express them?

Th cells do express MHC class I, as do CTL.  And infected Th cells are
killed by CTL.  

>2- I understand there are two classes of HIV virus identified, namely
>   HIV-1 and HIV-2. What are the differences between them?

An oversimplified answer is that HIV-2 is more closely related to SIV, and
infects humans less readily and is less virulent when it does infect

>possible, I prefer that you mail me your opinions/answers.

Posted and mailed.

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