Eczema?? Very dry skin problem on hands..HELP!

Wellington S. Tichenor, M. D. wtichenor at
Sun Nov 23 15:09:57 EST 1997

czar at (unknown) wrote:
>Help...if you can please.... A female friend of mine started having...
>what the doctors believe to be eczema. Her hands..the underside 
>mainly...get VERY dry and crackly. For some reason, tanning helps
>The doctors have done some allergy testing but could find nothing. It 
>started about 2 years ago when she started a job as an administrative 
>assistant. Currently she is dealing with it like many people...but if 
>anyone has ANY ideas or places to look/things to try?? Please email 
>me with any with info.....thanks.....jake_tx at

Has she seen a dermatologist yet?  Often there is an agent in the 
environment that can be found such as rubber gloves.  In addition, 
sometimes steroids by mouth for a short time will keep it under control.

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