Eczema?? Very dry skin problem on hands..HELP!

Steve White sjwhiteNOSPAMPLEASE at
Sun Nov 23 21:50:07 EST 1997

Sounds very much like eczema. Through trial and error I have found
that the following things make it significantly worse although its
virtually impossible to say what causes it:-

1. Strong Shampoo
2. Hard Manual Work
3. Dairy Products
4. Stress
5. Allergic Reaction
6. Getting Sweaty

The problem in identifying causes and stimulants is that it sometimes
takes a while for the effect to take hold and of course there can be
many different factors. It is also difficult to know what actually
causes it because it takes so long to get rid of it so that you can
cut out possible causes and introduce them one by one. Personally I
can't go without chocolate for more than 2 days!

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997 01:39:32 GMT, czar at (unknown) wrote:
>Help...if you can please.... A female friend of mine started having...
>what the doctors believe to be eczema. Her hands..the underside 
>mainly...get VERY dry and crackly. For some reason, tanning helps
>The doctors have done some allergy testing but could find nothing. It 
>started about 2 years ago when she started a job as an administrative 
>assistant. Currently she is dealing with it like many people...but if 
>anyone has ANY ideas or places to look/things to try?? Please email 
>me with any with info.....thanks.....jake_tx at

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