FACS analysis of COS7 cells with FACscan (Becton Dikinson)

mark mark.haynes at mail.tju.edu
Tue Nov 25 13:58:08 EST 1997

Jun-Ichi Aikawa wrote:
> Does anyone tried FACS analysis of COS7 cells with FACscan (Becton
> Dikinson)? Could you show me parameters for them?
> Jun-ichi Aikawa, Ph.D.
> University of California, San Diego 
my guess is that this is best done empirically.  Ask the FACSility at 
UCSD or at Scripps to run some samples (staining with a nuclear stain or 
a cell surface ab?) just to see the side scatter profiles and such.  
We've run many non-lymphoid preps but the parameters are never etched in 

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