Can parasitic worms cause Asthma?

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>Subject: Can parasitic worms cause Asthma?
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>Does anybody have any information on Asthma with respect to Parasite
>induced conditions?
>help greatly appreciated

	Asthma is an atopic disease (this is, a disease of people with propensity to 
allergies). Many parasites (particularly nematodes, and, among them, 
particularly those that migrate in the tissues) trigger allergic reactions.
	The link has been mentioned several times in the literature: parasites may  
trigger strong allergic reactions that, in atopic people, may exacerbate 
allergic responses to antigens (like the house dust) that cause the asthmatic 
	It makes scientific sense but I do not know of any reliable confirmatory 
study yet.
	Please share your information if you find something,
				Omar O. Barriga 

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