Wanted: Full-length CEA(carcinoembryonic antigen) cDNA

Tong Zhang z147 at PUBLIC.ZZ.HA.CN
Wed Oct 1 19:32:37 EST 1997

I am an assistant professor of Henan Medical University in China. My
specialties is Immunology. I have been researching on the DNA Vaccines
for almost three years. The novel vaccine represents a new way of
inducing immune responses. My research work mainly focused on two parts:
1.Construction of HBV DNA vaccine, its expression in vivo and induction
of anti-HBs; 2. Cytokines enhancement of production of anti-HBs in mice
immunized by HBV DNA vaccine; Not only genetic immunization can be used
to elicit anti-infection immune responses, it also shows great promise
in the anti-tumor immunity. One good example is that the eukaryotic
expression plasmid encoding CEA, the good indication of Colon cancer,
can significantly induced both the humoral and Strong CTL responses. In
China, incidence rate of malignant tumors of digestive system, such as
esophagus cancer, colon cancer, is relatively high. So our research
group plans to develop a new and effective DNA vaccine against CEA 
hoping that it can be used for clinical application in Colon cancer 
   But It`s very pity that full-length CEA cDNA is not available in
China. So It`s bold of me to ask  for the full-length CEA cDNA. Who can
help me? 
                   Sincerely yours   
                   Dr. Tong Zhang

                   Department of Microbiology and immunology
                   Henan medical University
                   Zhengzhou, Henan,450052
                   P. R. China

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