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Jeffrey Smoot jsmoot at
Wed Oct 1 17:49:56 EST 1997

gghiglio at wrote:
> Does anyone know of an available antibody for use in Western blot
> analysis of mouse VCAM-1?
> Giorgio Ghigliotti
> Pulmonary Division
> Washington Uniersity School of Medicine
> St. Louis, MO

I'm not sure if these are conformationally dependent but you might ask
one of the authors.
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TI   Cloning of murine and rat vascular cell adhesion molecule-1

AU   Hession, Catherine; Moy, Pamela; Tizard, Richard; Chisholm, Patricia;
     Williams, Cindy; Wysk, Mark; Burkly, Linda; Miyake, Kensuke; Kincade,
     Paul; Lobb, Roy

CS   Biogen, Inc., MA, 02142, USA

SO   Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. (1992), 183(1), 163-9

AB   Vascular cell adhesion mol.-1 (VCAM-1) is a member of the Ig (Ig)
     superfamily which interacts with the integrin very late antigen 4
     (VLA-4).  The cDNAs for both murine and rat VCAM-1 were cloned from
     endotoxin-treated lung libraries.  Both sequences encode proteins
     with seven extracellular Ig-like domains, which show 75.9% and 76.9%
     identity, resp., with human VCAM-1.  Both murine and human cell lines
     show VLA-4-dependent binding to COS cells transiently expressing
     murine and rat VCAM-1.  Two mAbs, M-K/1 and M-K/2, which recognize an
     antigen on murine bone marrow stromal cell lines, bind to murine
     VCAM-1 expressed in COS cells and block VCAM-1-dependent adhesion,
     confirming that these mAbs recognize murine VCAM-1.

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