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Sat Oct 4 14:41:51 EST 1997

I would like more information on HIV/AIDS.  I have been hearing
conflicting stories on the matter when it comes to getting the HIV/AIDS
virus.  One is from the gays and the CDC statint that HIV/AIDS is a very
fragel virus and that it can't survive out side the protected enviroment.
 And that the only way you can contract the virus is through the exchange
of body fluids, mainlt the blood and blood products.  On the other hand
there are other researchers that state otherwize.  There is more HIV/AIDS
viruses in sliva than blood.  That the AIDS virus is a very hearty one and
it can surivive in a hostile enviornment for at least 15 hours.  The AIDS
virus is smaller than the poures in a condom.  Getting bit, spit on or
sneezed on increases your chances on contracting the virus.  There are
cells in the skin that would attack a foriegen body and digest it, but
what happens is that the AIDS virus changes the gentic code of the cell
and makes an AIDS factory within the body.
  I belive the reasearchers rather than the gays and the government.  Both
are lieres and want money for their agendias.  Can anyone point me in the
correct direction where I can find the facts that arn't tainted with
political trash.

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