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 The author of a unique method of treatment offers
 courses of treatment to the wealthy patients with
 immunodeficiencies  (AIDS, oncology, etc.).

 Basis of a method is the physical influence
 on blood of a patient by.

 The intensive neutrino radiation  (as a result
 of controlled proton decay)  is the instrument
 of influence on blood.

 The course of treatment with use of an offered
 method  (12-14 days)  guarantees the improvement
 of immunological parameters in 2-3 times.

 The practical application of an offered method for
 treatment immunodeficiencies of the different kinds
 and origin gives the basis to consider the given method
 as most effective method of the immunostimulation
 nowadays in the world.

 The offered method is based on discovery in the field
 of physics  (discovery of magnetic monopoles)  and
 has not analogues in the world.

 The offered method can also successfully be used for
 the real and effective rejuvenation of the organism.

 The author of an offered method of treatment also
 searches for contacts to the partners interested in
 cooperation and investors for creation of an own
 private clinic.

 The author also is interested in competent
 international  lawyer & manager.

 The contact address:  interhomeless at rocketmail.com

 Valery Kotul.

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