STD question

Dom Spinella dspinella at
Wed Oct 8 16:10:23 EST 1997

> Pop Quiz
> For a project, I need to determine what this girl has. I am running an
> assumption that it is a STD based on past behavior. 
And therein must surely lie a tale.

> Here is the data.
> She got sick and started taking medication early September. Medication
> and/or condition mandate no strenuous physical activity.
> She relapsed in early October. She is currently on bed rest.

Now there's a complete patient history for you.  It sounds like you
(maybe) could rule out Ebola virus; otherwise, these symptoms could
indicate anything from hypochondria to heart failure. Have you
considered the diagnosis that maybe she just doesn't want to go out with
you anymore? Surely you jest.

> What does that suggest to any of you?

Either she needs a better doctor or you need a different project. Does
this mean I failed your pop quiz?

Good luck. -- Dom Spinella

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