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Sat Oct 11 20:01:01 EST 1997

CALL US at DATING.COM wrote in message <01bccf7d$9d8a9d20$24032399 at default>...
>dating has never been easier..100's of LOCAL SINGLES are now just a phone
>call away..listen to and responde to messages left by singles waiting and
>willing to date.or you can have your own mailbox for others to leave you
>messages that you can respond too.this is the greatest way yet to meet
>people with similar lfestyles and desires as yours..from the safety and
>comfort of your own home you can respond to and leave messages for others
>to contact you!!!!!!
>call 900-287-0467
>MUST BE 18+
>2.99 MIN
>MAG <no at adress.yet> wrote in article <34276548.B1F3074F at adress.yet>...
>> JUST cum and visit MAG's XXX page..
>> HTTP://
>>    See you soon..

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