apoptosis in THP-1 cells

Tue Oct 14 23:59:35 EST 1997

Can anyone advise me on an easy means of inducing apoptosis for a posative
controll in THP-1 monocytes.   I need something that will give me a good
ladder effect using gel electrophoresis.  ETOH, TNFalpha, serum deprivation,
& K shock are all cited frequently.  I need the most practical means of
induction which can be done on a routine basis with good reproducability.
I'm using Promega Wizzard kits to purify the DNA & electrophoresis to
determine apoptotic cleavage (laddering).
FACS and TUNNEL assays are options I wish to avoid if possible.

Please respond if you have any experience with THP-1's or HL-60's in this


John Edgar                               jbe4 at bigsky.net
Stella Duncan Institute
Univ. of Montana, Missoula

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