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-This article by Troye Lund appeared in the Cape Times 20th Oct 97.


A possible key to extending the lives of HIV-infected patients has been
growing in our gardens all the time.

Researchers at the University of Stellenbosch have declared that immune
modulator capsules that cost less than R100 a month and are completely
natural will extend the lives of HIV infected people by four times or more.

According to Mr Luc Montagnier, who discovered the virus, this breakthrough
could be the cure if used with the anti-viral cocktails.

Montagnier will be starting trials at the Pasteur Institute in Paris next
year, combining the immune booster with anti-viral cocktails in South
Africa because they cost about R6000 a month.

It all started with the anti-cancer properties found in two fats in the
African Potato plant: sterels and sterolins. After extracting these fats
and working with them, Stellenbosch University's Professor Patrick Bouic
discovered that the same fats exist in all plants.

HIV infected patients whom Bouic started treating with the immune boosting
tablet five years ago show no progression in their disease.

"without treatment, Aids patients lose many immune cells a year and this is
higher in places like Africa where there are more bacteria and parasites."
said Bouic.

Fast recovery is also guaranteed for patients suffering from other diseases
that are characterised by dysfunctional immune systems, like tuberculosis,
multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, systematic lupus
erythematosus, psoriasis as well as certain cancers.

Bouic claims his trials have also proved that the chances of re-infection
are significantly reduced.

Even people with out disease can benefit from the breakthrough.

Marathon runners whom Bouic fed immune modulators a month before the race
were significantly less inflamed and had less of an immune abnormality
response after the race than a set of runners who did not take the

"I have given 10 years of my life to this.  The beauty of it, aside from
the price, is that it is totally non-toxic.

"Its is impossible to overdose on this. These fats are available in all

Professor Bouic predicts that this will become the treatment of the future.

In South Africa the capsules are available over the counter at Chemists.
They are called moducare.
The company who will be marketing this product are in the process of
setting up a website.
I will keep all the newsgroups updated on this.

In the meantime information can be obtained by contacting Mr Mike
Ellis-Cole in Cape Town, South Africa. Phone: 975 5138 or 9755139 or Fax:
968489 or his cellphone number:
083 6283 566.

They will also have an e-mail address soon.  

PS.  I am a mother of a daughter with Multiple Sclerosis and discovered
this product after a talk given by Prof. Bouic at an Multiple Sclerosis
support meeting 2
months ago.  We have both been taking it since then.  As my daughter has no
symptoms at present there is not change with her but my allergy symptoms
have gone and on the strength of that I will take it forever!

Annette in Cape Town			

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