FACStarPLUS Cell sorter for sale (UK-based)

FACSmac rh208 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Mon Oct 20 12:22:39 EST 1997

I've been asked to find a buyer for a dual laser Becton-Dickinson FACStar plus
cell sorter with the following specification, further details are available by
phone (01223 330149), e-mail (rh208 at cus.cam.ac.uk) or web browser (http://facsmac.med.cam.ac.uk/web/facstar.html).

The sorter is fully self contained, and requires only normal UK mains electric
outlets to function (no water cooling or three phase lines needed)

+Dual laser bench
+Dual oscilloscope
+Twin pulse processor cards (allow ratioing of calcium, and better DNA work)
+Automatic Cell Deposition Unit (ACDU for cloning into plates or sorting
arrays on slides)
+Air Cooled 30mW HeCd UV laser (suitable for Indo-1  <250 hours used)
+Air Cooled 130mW Argon Ion laser with remote control 
+Four Fluorescences plus SSC and FSC
+Vacuum pump
+Spare filters and nozzles

Price and final spec open to negotiation (eg can provide a HeNe instead of the
HeCd, no need to buy the pulse processors if you won't need them etc).

The system is available for inspection, and can be delivered and installed for
the buyer (in mainland Britain). Training can be provided.


Ray Hicks
University of Cambridge
Department of Medicine
Level 5 Addenbrookes Hospital,
Hills Road,

tel 01233 330149

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