THP-1 / HL-60 apoptosis inducing agent

Tom Frey TomFrey at
Thu Oct 23 01:34:21 EST 1997

you wrote:
> Does anyone know a good, high expression means of inducing apoptosis in
> THP-1 or HL-60 monocytes to be detected electrophoreticly?   I have several
> protocols for FACS and have run the TUNNEL assay (dUTP),  but am currently
> in need of a simple agent to use for obtaining a good apoptotic DNA
> laddering effect for a positive controll to be routinely run along-side
> various samples.
> Any suggestions?

If the question is "what agent effectively induces apoptosis in HL-60?",
then the answer is that a 4-5 hour treatment with camptothecin is very
effective.  40-80% will be in apoptosis in this time frame.  Cam can be
purchased fairly cheaply from Sigma (IIRC).

Tom Frey

PS, I normally wouldn't have bothered the list with this reply, but with
no text before the @ I am assuming your return address isn't real.

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