What happens if one removes cytokines from Mo derived DC cultures?

Mark Doherty mdoherty at pop.niaid.nih.gov
Wed Oct 29 11:03:06 EST 1997

In article <34570F99.2F7A at mail.cyberlink.bg>, anastas at mail.cyberlink.bg wrote:

> Hello,
> Does anyone out there know whether monocyte derived (+GMCSF/IL-4) DC 
> remain still DC if one removes BOTH cytokines from culture after n days?

The short answeris yes.  The DC are terminally differentiated.

The longer answer is that they will start to die fairly quickly if the
GMCSF is removed, and that if the culture is fairly young (less than 10
days) you will still have a fair number of cells capable of differentiating
into macrophages if the IL-4 is removed (particularly if you are using a
fairly high concentration of GMCSF).

Cheers, Mark

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