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Fri Oct 31 09:41:05 EST 1997

I am researching case histories which bear any similarity to an individual
(male) who, initially testing HIV positive (2 tests), has since had 4
negative test results. It is now four years since his original positive

Since it was his intention to cure himself, he views the outcome as a
result of his self-conceived regime and is anxious to publish a book
documenting the path he chose.

To support him, I would appreciate any reliable and authenticated
statistics which show the percentages of HIV positive patients later
testing negative.

Your general comments regarding this would also be of assistance, ie.
1. Is this a frequent occurrence?
2. Could such an outcome be attributable merely to differing testing

Please reply in this forum, but please also email responses to
hideaway at

I have found many AIDS/HIV links on the Net, but would like to gain a
general perspective on
HIV testing procedure,
test kit fallability,
things to watch for (T4-T8 relationships),
presence of Herpes (or such?) in patient and its (their) effects upon
reliable HIV testing;
in fact, anything you think might show this patient's experience to be in
any way unique, his present status stable, the value to others of his
insight and experiences and whatever other information you think should be
contained within a book such as this in order that it can be of the most
benefit to the many.


Graham Higgins

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