Joint Workshop "Cytokines in Inflammation"

Biology biology at DOMPE.IT
Fri Oct 31 11:31:25 EST 1997

The "Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Immunologie (DGfI)" and the 
"Grupo di Cooperazione in Immunologia (GCI)"
announcing their
        1st Joint Workshop "Cytokine in Inflammation"

        Gran Sasso Labs of INFN, Assergi (L'Aquila), Italy

        February 8-11, 1998


 D.Boraschi, G.Cifone, W.Falk, H.-D.Flad, M.Martin and A.Tagliabue 

        Receptor/Cytokine Interaction
        Early Events in Signal Transduction
        Signal Transduction and Transcriptional Regulation
        Gene Therapy & Anti-Inflammatory Therapeutic Strategies

For further information contact: 

Diana Boraschi, Dompe Research Centre, Via Cammpo di Pile, I-67100 L'Aquila,
Tel.: ++39 862 338 324, Fax: ++39 862 338 219, Email: tagliabu at

Michal Martin, MHH Molekularpharmakolgie OE5320, D-30623 Hannover, Germany
Tel.: ++49 511 532 4082, Fax: ++49 511 532 4081, Email:
martin.michael at 

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