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anti-IgE receptor mAb

Jeffrey Smoot jsmoot at cas.org
Tue Sep 9 12:23:30 EST 1997

Andrew Schrader wrote:
> I would appreciate some help in finding a source for a monoclonal
> andtibody directed against the alpha chain of the high affinity IgE
> receptor - Fc epsilon RI.
> I have tried a number of commercial organisations without success
> (Genzyme, Calbiochem, R&D, Zymed, Biomedicals AG and Biodesign).
> Thank you
> Andrew
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> Dr Andrew P. Schrader
> Postdoctoral Fellow
> (Respiratory Research Group)
> Department of Pharmacy (A15)
> The University of Sydney NSW 2006
> Telephone:
>    Office (Rm S114):         +61 2 9351 3647/8
>    Laboratory (Rm N334):  +61 2 9351 2670/3848
>    Voice Mail/Mobile:        +61 15 915 192
> Facsimile:                        +61 2 9351 4391
> Email:                              andrews at pharm.usyd.edu.au
> URL: http://www.usyd.edu.au/su/pharmacology/resprg.html
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Jeffrey Smoot  (jsmoot at cas.org)
614-447-3600 X3198
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TI   Allergen-induced recruitment of Fc.epsilon.RI+ eosinophils in human
     atopic skin

AU   Barata, Luis T.; Ying, Sun; Grant, J. Andrew; Humbert, Marc; Barkans,
     Julia; Meng, Qui; Durham, Stephen R.; Kay, A. Barry

CS   Imperial College School Medicine, National Heart Lung Institute,
     London, SW3 6LY, UK

SO   Eur. J. Immunol. (1997), 27(5), 1236-1241

AB   Fc.epsilon.RI+ eosinophils were identifyed in cutaneous late-phase
     reaction in atopic subjects biopsied at 6, 24, and 48 h after the
     injection of either allergen or a diluent control.  Compared to the
     diluent sites, allergen-injected sites had increased nos. of
     eosinophils, peaking between 6-24 h, of which approx. 20-30%
     expressed mRNA for the .alpha., .beta., and .gamma. chains of
     Fc.epsilon.RI, as shown by in situ hybridization.  Using either a
     monoclonal or a polyclonal anti-.alpha. chain antibody, the
     Fc.epsilon.RI.alpha. protein also co-localized to approx. 50-80% of
     eosinophils at all time points studied.  A correlation was obsd.
     between the nos. of Fc.epsilon.RI+ (997+)/EG2+ eosinophils and the
     magnitude of the late-phase reaction.  Thus, a significant proportion
     of eosinophils infiltrating the site of allergen-induced allergic
     tissue reactions in atopic subjects express Fc.epsilon.RI.  The
     findings show that high-affinity IgE receptors may play a role in
     eosinophil secretory processes in vivo.

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