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W. Fred Shaw fredshaw at primenet.com
Fri Sep 12 20:09:01 EST 1997

George M. Carter wrote:
> "Pierre Cloutier" <immunoca at generation.net> wrote:
> >IMMUNOCAL towards a healthier life
> >-A product which promotes optimal functioning of the immune system by
> >sustaining normal levels of glutathione in the lymphocytes (the cells
> >primarly involved in the specific immune response).
> Yes, all well and good. But a product that costs WHEY TOO MUCH!!!!!
> People wanting whey might as well use Designer Protein's Next
> Nutrition or perhaps Optim Nutrition's Optimmune.
> Stuff your goddamned spam.

OK, George got to beat his muscle-depleted chest
a bit to continue his self-deluded "activism"
(which is simply pure opportunism).

Of course, Carter has promoted expensive treatments
and doesn't want any competition for one of his
favorites, NAC (the other glutathione treatment).

So look. George has no shame. He has proven that.
He will keep ranting until you send him somewhere on
a trip or pay him the hush money he prefers. Best
of all, once your business relationship is established
with George, he will pretend to be an activist
for you in the event the FDA raises its brow. 

Carter has this act down pat. A couple of bucks
is all it takes. Really! These activists are ALL
opporunists ... its no secret. They even changed
their title from "AIDS Activists" to "Treatment

Pay attention ... as their favorite treatments fail
more each day, they will try to back away from their
hype and lies. They will start referring to themselves
as "AIDS Activists" once again...

I'm not a prophet. I just know these bastards very,
very well and if they are anything, they are
opportunists, manipulators and liars -- all of
them -- NO EXCEPTIONS!!!


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