Q: AB penetration prob. in cryostat sections (ex John Smith)

John Smith johnsmith at microsoft.com
Thu Apr 2 09:40:36 EST 1998

To freeze-dry (i.e.  lyophilize) the samples with good results you'll need
an actual lyophilizer: I've used both a large semi-industrial one, as well
as a high vacuum source (don't ask me the pressure values, I've no idea)
connected to a high vacuum jar; with the latter, you'll need to freeze your
samples (preferably at -80 C) before you dry them, and keep them frozen all
the way (works best if you just put the slides in a little rack, the rack in
the jar with a little desiccant, the whole thing in the deep freezer, wait
one two hours, transfer quickly to the high vacuum source and dry for one or
two hours, or even overnight, depending on the amount of slides and the
thickness of the sections). Of course the industrial stuff is easier to
Good luck.

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