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Dr Aras Kadioglu AK13 at
Fri Apr 3 09:20:02 EST 1998

Hello bionet.immunology readers,

I'm looking for a good neutrophil marker that I can use on mouse cryostat
cut lung sections. The mouse lung tissue is embedded in OCT and snap
frozen in liquid nitrogen. I generally tend to use 10 micron sections and
use the APAAP staining procedure with good results for other antibodies I
use. However, I am lacking a anti-mouse neutrophil antibody that will work
satisfactorily with the MF1 strain (outbred) of mice, which I use. I have
already tried out some of the commercially available Abs, such as rat
anti-mouse 7/4 (which is useless to me since it only seems to stain a very
small percentage of neutrophils in the MF1 strain of mice, but supposedly
works well in other mouse strains including inbred strains, mysteriously
enough) and also GR-1 which is good for flow cytometry but again poor for
frozen section immunohistochemistry.

Has anyone else used the above mentioned Abs on MF1 mouse tissue ?

Does anyone know of any other neutrophil Abs that I may use, and where to
obtain them from ?

Can anyone help me with this problem, I'm in desperate need of an Ab that
will work.

Thanks in advance,

Look forward to your advice,


Dept. Microbiology & Immunology
University of Leicester

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