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Mon Apr 6 16:03:47 EST 1998

Blood is blood. Don't worry about where it is taken, assuming it is
from a vein. Arterial blood does differ from venous blood for some
tests. (Not necessarily antibody tests!)

Yes, whole blood and venous blood results may differ. It will depend
on the assay system and the analyte.

On Mon, 06 Apr 1998 13:22:41 +0100, Andy <yruNOSPAM at>

>Hopefully someone can help me with what appears to be a simple request
>for help!
>So basic, that it is not mentioned in any text books I can get hold of!
>For antibody tests, does it make a difference where the blood sample is
>drawn from? E.g., neck, arm, finger prick etc. etc.
>And if a "test" could work on whole blood as well as separated, would
>there be any difference in the result?
>Any help or comments would be appreciated! Point me to references if
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